About us

Located in Ste-Justine de Newton, our farm is into dairy production for over than 30 years. We offer you beef meat coming from our young Holstein or mixed Angus males under the name of LE BOEUF NEWTINE. We raise grain fed chicken in limited quantities as well.

Our beefs and chickens are fed with no antibiotics nor animal bonemeal and no growing hormone is used, juste like our parents and grand-parents did.

We are proud to present you a lean meat of quality that is distinguished by its tenderness and traceability. On each packaging is printed the reference number of the animal. Our meat is prepared in a regional slaughterhouse  under provincial inspection.

Freshness garanteed, all our products are freezed directly in the slaughter. This gives the meat pieces an  unmatched freshness.

We offer you as well the products of our small sugar shack. Discover the unique taste of maple syrup made the old way.

We practice an eco-friendly agriculture. Our manures are our the main source for fertilising and artificial fertilisers use is restricted to minimum and only under the recommendations of our agronomist.

We use no-till seeding method for all of our seedings. It plows the soil naturally under the action of worms and micro-organisms. This method helps preserving our fields's health and reducing greenhouse gases.

In 2007, over than 350 trees have been planted on our land for the next generations.

Some other eco-friendly projects are being studied on our farm such as the no-till seeding through vegetal cover with the objective of miniminzing our environmental impact.