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Chicken leg

Package of one leg between 0.7 kg ($6.26) and 1 kg ($8.95) Price: $8.95/kg

Boneless chicken breast

Each package contains one boneless chicken breast Between 0.4 kg ($9.98) et 1 kg ($24.95) Price: $24.95/kg

Half chicken

For small family, whole chicken cut in half Between 2 kg ($19.08) et 2.8 kg ($26.85) Price: $9.59/kg

Chicken liver

$8.60/kg or $3.90/lb Order number of packages. You will be billed for exact weight (between 0.2 and 0.5 kgs) Each package is between 0.2 kg ($1.72) and 0.5 kg ($4.30)

Chicken bone

Perfect to make your own chicken broth Package from 1.2 kg ($3.42) to 1.8 kg ($5.13) $2.85/kg

Chicken 3-4 kg

$8.95/kg or 4.07/lb Order in number of chicken You will be billed for the exact weight Between 3kg ($26.85) and 4.7kg ($42.06)