Marinated steak

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$33.95/kg or $15.43/lb Package of 2 steaks. 5/8 inch thick from 0.25kg($8.49) to 0.45kg($15.28). Order number of package of 2. You will be billed for exact weight (between 0.25 and 0.45 kgs)
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    Frozen and vacuum packed from fresh in its own BBQ marinade, our marinated steak offers you the summum of tenderness and ease. It cooks as nicely in the pan than on the BBQ.

    IDEA: Take out 15 minutes at room temperature before cooking to savor all its tenderness. 

    Ingredients : Marinade: canola oil, vinegar, tomato paste, water, sugar, glucose, fructose, salt, sodium proteins, benzoate sodium, anchovies, spices, onions, soya flour, garlic, polysorbate 80.