1/2 Beef

Delivery date: Tous les lundis
$5.55/lb The price includes slaughter, vacuum pack and home delivery. Your meat packages are delivered frozen *You will be charged for the exact weight*
1 665,00 $

The 1/2 beef carcass weighs approximately 300 lb for a total of $1665.00 ( 300 lb x $5.55) and gives you around 180 lb of meat.

*You will be charged for the exact weight*

The cuts are personalized. We discuss with you to all the possibilities with the cuts and the packing.

It is the most economical and convenient way to feed your family.

3 to 6 weeks is needed to receive your 1/2 beef.

Cuts example: blade roast, shoulder roast, sirloin roast, french roast, filet mignon, T-Bone, sirloin and strip loin steak, ribsteak, ribs eye steak, minute steak, tournedos, Chinese fondue, beef strips, cube, bavette, Osso Bucco, bones, ground beef,