1/4 Back Beef

$5.25/lb The price includes transport,slaughter,vacuum pack and home delivery. Your meat packages are delivered frozen
750,00 $

The 1/4 Back beef weighs approximately 150 lb for a total of $787.00 (150 lb X $5.25) and gives you around 90 lb of meat.

*You wull be charged for the exact weigh*

The cuts are personalized. We discuss with you to all the possibilities with the cuts and the packing.

It is the most economical and convenient way to feed your family.

3 to 6 weeks is needed to receive your beef.

Cuts example for 1/4 Back Beef:

Sirloin,French, Filet mignon roast

T-Bone, Strip loin steak, Tournedos

Filet mignon, Sirloin, Boston, Minute steak

Bavette, Fondue Chinoise, Beef strip

Cube, Ground beef

Osso bucco, bones

liver, heart


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