About us

Located at St-Justine-de-Newton, our family farm founded in 1982 was initially concentrating in the dairy only farm producing high quality Canadian milk. Over the years, we’ve diversified in order to settle in the highly motivated successors.

Therefore, today, it is possible for us to provide you with ANGUS beef, under the name of BŒUF NEWTINE and grain fed chicken products.

Our steers and our chickens are fed and grown without growth hormones or antibiotics as it was done by our parents and grand-parents. Our animals have access to conventional food, healthy and well balanced, produced at our farm.

The well-being of animal is our main priority. Our steers are free to roam and have access to exterior grasslands to graze to their will.

Our chickens are kept indoors, free to stroll with a lot of space to wander.

We practice eco responsible durable farming. Farmyard Manure is our primary source of fertilizer. Artificial fertilizers are at times used but always at a minimum as per indicated by our highly qualified agronomist specialized in Agri-environment and according to what the soil needs only. We use a technique that has proven its efficiency, direct-sowing. It procures natural plowing done by earth worms and micro-organisms present in the soil. This helps maintain and preserve the natural health of our lands and diminish gas emissions.

In 2007, more than 3500 trees have been planted in our lands for future generations.

Always in order to improve the quality of our farm lands and to reduce our ecological footprint, several new techniques are put in practice such as utilisation of various plants for ground cover in order to prevent erosion and deterioration of soils.